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Head Spa is a rejuvenating hair and scalp treatment with unique benefits. It relaxes you almost immediately and leaves your hair looking lustrous and feeling soft. It also helps reduce the effects of pollution, dirt, and the sun while strengthening your hair.


Head Spa is a highly effective solution for these common hair problems:

Hair breakage, Thinning hair, Hair fall, Dry and Dull hair, Rough hair, Dry and Itchy scalp, Slow hair growth, Dandruff, Oily scalp.

Here are some of the benefits of Head Spa Treatment:

- Conditions the Hair -

One of the main benefits of a head spa is that it deep conditions the hair. The products used for a head spa is meant to add hydration to the hair so that it becomes smooth and shiny.


- Normalizes Oil Secretion -

Whether you have oily or dry scalp, a regular head spa can help normalise oil secretion in your scalp.


- Improves Blood Circulation -

Any kind of head massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp and helps promote hair growth. If you want to grow your hair faster, going to head spa regularly may help you immensely.

It has proven results in aiding in both dry and oily scalp, hair loss, and even a puffy face. All of these issues are aided and reduced with increased blood flow and oxygen by improving blood and lymphatic fluid drainage through massage.


- Repairs Damaged Hair -

Your hair may get damaged because of frequent hair colouring, bleaching, usage of hot styling tools, pollution, stress, bad diet, etc. Head spa can help repair the damage to your hair so that it is soft, healthy, and lustrous.


- Reduces Hair and Scalp Issues -

People suffer from plenty of hair problems, including hair fall, premature greying, hair breakage, dandruff, etc.


- Relaxes the Mind -

Head spa can help you relax and soothe stress. Different techniques used in the head spa to massage the scalp can reduce the tension in your neck and shoulders and also help you feel calm.



Our head spa service is available to both women and men, which includes:

• head spa with mineral-rich carbonated water and spa mist

• full-flat shampoo chair with basin

• head and scalp massage, neck and shoulder massage

• deep cleansing scalp

• hair steam treatment (detox and restorative hair treatments)

• shampoo and easy finishing blow-dry

* You will receive an easy finishing blow-dry with Head Spa service.

If you wish for a full professional blow-dry or any further styling after your Head Spa service, you will be booked in accordingly, and they will be charged additionally.

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